For the Money I Can Do!

The language versions: Czech. Polish (BIURALISTA JARDA O. BOHATER NASZYCH CZASÓW)

The script of play is available in DILIA


Jarda is married, middle-aged man. He could be quite content, only if he was not haunted by the debt, which his wife created by shopping over the limit. In addition, a young colleague at his office makes fun of him, telling him that he´s a wimp, wears a suit and speaks in proper language, and even if he would bet an interesting amount of money for Jarda to get a little tattoo on a hidden place on his body, he would not do it. But Jarda takes on the challenge and the same day he pays a visit to a nearby tattoo saloon. In the tattoo saloon Jarda learns from the tattoo artist, that his friend is now looking for a man to conduct some sociological research and he´s offering some incredible money for it. In addition, Jarda, he says, might be just the right person for it. When Jarda visits “the friend” at her office, he learns that for half a million he would have to get a tattoo on his forehead, which must be visible for a whole month! Although Jarda needs the money more than ever before, he refuses the offer. He works at a very serious office after all!

The next day, when his pregnant wife and her boss (who´s also her secret lover) belittle him at his own house, telling him he´s a wimp and he cannot take care of his family financially, Jarda decides to get the tattoo, and the money with it. He can keep it up for the whole month for sure and he´s going to show everybody, what kind of money he can make in a month! With the money he will pay all his wife´s debts, and they will still have some leftover money to save for the time when their baby is born. But nothing is as simple as it seemed to Jarda at first…

This black sitcom shows with humor and irony what people are willing to do for money, without considering the results of such “great” opportunities.

Cast: 5 men, 2 women


The script of play (the Polish version - BIURALISTA JARDA O. BOHATER NASZYCH CZASÓW´is available in DILIA Agency - please send email to Mrs. Marie Špalová 

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