One Morning Wiser After the Drinking-Bout

The language versions: Czech

The script of play is available in DILIA


This comedic story begins in the morning after a great drinking-bout. At that time Tomas wakes up in his bachelor apartment. He has no idea about what happened last night, but he is glad to be at home at last. His happy feeling only lasts until an older woman wakes up right next to him. She also does not know what happened last night and how she got into Tomas’s flat. This incident could end up with a farewell, but then, some coincidence should have never happened.

Cast: 4 men, 3 women


Premiere: Ražice, Czech Republic, 31st March 2012


Community Theatre Group in Ražice



Photo from premiere – Ražice, March 31, 2012:

Rano_moudrejsi_flamu_-_foto_1 Rano_moudrejsi_flamu_-_foto_2 Rano_moudrejsi_flamu_-_foto_3 Rano_moudrejsi_flamu_-_foto_4 Rano_moudrejsi_flamu_-_foto_5 Rano_moudrejsi_flamu_-_foto_6 Rano_moudrejsi_flamu_-_foto_7 Rano_moudrejsi_flamu_-_foto_8

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