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About show

The show is hosted by actress Eva Vrbková. It is aimed at smart and educated women in the Czech Republic living in towns and villages, women creative and of action. Important role on the show holds the space – a real house, in which Eva cooks, washes the laundry, does cleaning, paints, puts on wallpapers, does gardening, takes care of the pool, makes gifts, paints furniture, harvests crops from nearby forest and garden, barbeques, puts isolation on the house, fixes the plaster, replaces flooring, takes care of emergencies, prepares family celebrations, sets tables for special occasions, decorates the house, arranges flowers, does shopping, in simple terms takes care of everything that most women take care of at home.

Eva is not some host asking her guest passive questions. Eva, on the contrary, does things – she is an active show guide. She lives an active life, exposed to dozens of test situations, challenges, real problems that come up in lives of ordinary families. She spends time with friends, devotes herself to interests and hobbies, takes care of the house and the garden.


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Show´s website - portal of Czech Television (the Czech version)


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