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Worldwide, the number of divorces between seniors is growing rapidly. Especially in Japan and Western Europe, but in recent years this new trend has also reached the Czech Republic. Experts see the main reasons for the ever-increasing divorce rate of this age group mainly in the changing lifestyle and more frequent dedication to hobbies and friends.

  The main characters of the comedy play I want a divorce, grandpa! are members of the Weiss family - a 60-year-old saleswoman Kamila, a fresh pensioner Francis and their two children - a 35-year-old daughter, Jana, who is already a mum and still a free and thought-free thirty-year-old son David.

   One day, when Francis reads his wife a news report about an eighty-year-old German pensioner who, after sixty years together with his wife, decided to divorce her, Kamila gets a similar idea! She wants a divorce to finally live after a fortieth year of marriage! Although Francis and their children do not agree, Kamila will enforce this decision.

   Kamila is starting to meet unknown men, and even Francis is going to make similar meetings to get out of his unplanned solitude.

   How will both spouses end up? What potential partners will they meet? Why does he see a bit of his former partner in everyone? And what will this interruption of their relationship show not only about this relationship, but about themselves?

   Black sitcom I want a divorce, grandpa! with humor and irony it brings closer the present interpersonal relationships, where unfortunately the negative aspects, such as self-centeredness, short-term thinking and enjoying life at the expense of others, prevail. Tell yourself, can all of this ever end in a happy end?

Cast: 2 women, 2 men,

9 characters - 4 women, 5 men

The script of play is available in DILIA Agency.