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100 short stories for better memory

The book Brain on Fire is not just a short-story book, because the reader can also use it as a tool to improve memory. In the second part of the book is introduced a method called Memory Hooks. This method can be understood by the reader as a simple mental technique, which is used to practice and train memory, to develop fantasy, creativity and imagination.

The technique of Memory Hooks is very fast and playful, so it can be referred to as mental aerobics.

Every short story that is published in the first part of the book was created by the author according to the same rules that respect this memory method.

Book launch - September 14, 2006, Prague.






The book The Secret Diary of Barborka Syslová was written not only for children. Barborka Syslová, a twelve-year-old gopher, writes her diary for her dream gopher, whom she calls Slávek. In this diary, Barborka presents her whole family – daddy Arnošt, mommy Monika, grandpa Václav, grandma Mařenka and older brother Filip.

Barborka writes into her diary new information about family finances, which are mostly brought in by daddy Arnošt, who despite working in one of the unnamed banks only as a concierge, attends various financial courses, so he can learn more about finances, so his whole family can become financially independent one day.


Book launch - September 27, 2006, Prague:



The first Czech novel about chatting

The story of this novel takes place on the chat, that is, on the discussion portal. The main characters are young people, three men and three women, whose lives were fundamentally changed by their Internet communication. Even though they do not know each other, every day they go back to the same virtual world where everything is allowed and where everybody has different expectations.

The reader of this novel will acquaint himself with a virtual world, in which anybody can act as they choose to, they can have more identities and when they get tired of one of the identities, they can just delete it and create a new one. Here you do not have to dream, because your world is being created right in front of your eyes.

It is only up to you, which way you want to go and how close to the other person you want to be. Although it seems that the others are very far, he or she can sit in front of their computer in the same street or in another room of the same apartment. What’s more, you have no idea that the beautiful, nice and funny blonde you’ve been so deeply in love with is just an unemployed alcoholic with lots of time on his hands, making himself available just for you.


An unconventional view of one unwanted pregnancy.

This book with the title Pregnant with Gigolo? brings an unconventional view on one unwanted pregnancy. The main character, Veronika, at her friend’s birthday party recognizes her classmate from long time ago, who came there as a stripper and gigolo “Bruno”. After their subsequent meeting, their dinner extends until the morning hours when Veronika leaves his bedroom. In less than two months she finds she is pregnant, but who is the father? Is it her husband or her classmate from long time ago? What is Veronika going to do? The author shows untraditionally the perspective from three points of view – Veronika’s, “Bruno’s” and also Veronika’s husband’s.