Can I Come to You?

The language versions: Czech

The script of play is available in DILIA


The plot of this comedy, which was written for the Artur Theater, takes place in Dr. Flojd’s psychiatric office and at the local bistro operated by Mrs. Kubíčková in front of the office, and which also serves as a patient waiting room.

Mrs. Kubíčková likes Dr. Flojd ever since he started at his office, which was about six months ago. Of course, being a single divorcee, she misses the company of a man for some time. Fjord is divorced but loves his independence as well as beautiful young twenty-year-old girls, though with one of them, with Lenka, he would like to break up. Kubíčková has been thinking for a long time about how to tell him about her intentions, and the fact that she is not more decisive worries her. Meanwhile, five patients come one by one to the office: Local politician JUDr. Troufalý, suffering from paranoia, then there is Vanda Vnadná, a credit line and credit card dealer, deeply suffering from the trauma of her husband’s infidelity. The third patient is a promiscuous nymph, post woman Sandra, the fourth is former top hockey player René, who does not know what to do in his free time after his career ended, and there is a recent reality show winner, Tomy, suffering from depression, because the media has lost interest and nobody cares about him now.

All of these patients keep coming to the office, but before their sessions they meet with Kubíčková on regular basis, who offers them not only her good coffee, but also a kind word of wisdom of an experienced woman.

Will Kubíčková finally let Flojda know about her feelings for him? Can Flojd pull away from Lenka, who cannot live without him, as he doesn’t like her putting restrictions on him? And how about all of Flojda’s patients? Will they overcome their depression, phobias, and vice?

This sitcom shows with humor and irony intertwined interpersonal relationships as well as mental problems of our civilization that our ancestors did not know at all, and which are sometimes insurmountable obstacles for some of us.


Authors: Miroslav Oupic, Jindra Kriegel

This play in only a part of the repertoire of the Artur Theater 


World premiere – Prague July 9, 2013



Cast: 4 men, 4-5 women

Artur Theater cast:

FLOJD: Lukáš Langmajer
KUBÍČKOVÁ: Michaela Kuklová
RENÉ: Jindra Kriegel
LENKA: Barbora Mottlová / Věra Vodičková
SANDRA: Veronika Arichteva Nová / Věra Vodičková
TROUFALÝ: Petr Semerád
TOMY: Miroslav Šimůnek / Braňo Polak
VNADNÁ: Vanda Karolyi / Klára Jandová


Video samples:

For English subtitles click to subtitles buttom in each video.



Photos from the pre-premiere of the play - Chlum - June 1, 2013:

Muktob-Chlum20130601-1 Muktob-Chlum20130601-3 Muktob-Chlum20130601-6 Muktob-Chlum20130601-8 Muktob-Chlum20130601-9 Muktob-Chlum20130601-11 Muktob-Chlum20130601-13 Muktob-Chlum20130601-20 Muktob-Chlum20130601-23 Muktob-Chlum20130601-25 Muktob-Chlum20130601-33 Muktob-Chlum20130601-42 Muktob-Chlum20130601-44

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